If you have been with me for a while, then you may have noticed that posts are inconsistent and there are a lot of times where I tend to disappear. Maybe you were aware that I also had another blog (At Home With a Book). If you followed both then you know that I decided to let that one go and focus solely on this one. So the constant struggle was what to do with the arcs that were not meant for this particular blog. So this is what I have decided to do:

This blog’s main focus will still be science fiction and fantasy written by women. But, if I read a science fiction or fantasy book with a stand out female characters but not written by a female author, I may do a full review here as well. I post both positive and negative reviews, so the review may reflect that. These reviews will have a special note or category or something else. I haven’t decided on all of the details so, I guess, just pay attention.

New Goals: These are specifically just for June – December.


Be more consistent.

-I will have two posts a week.

-I will do a release day post for all ARCs.


While, I do have pie in the sky goal of reading all of the ARCs that I have, both new and old. For the rest of the year, my main focus will be 2021 ARCs specifically for this blog, meaning science fiction and fantasy books written by women.

-Read and review ARCs that are for WOSFF blog that releases June 01- December 31 (50).

-Stretch Goal: Read ALL ARCs releases June 01- December 31 (47)

-Bonus: read ARCs the month of release

So, it should not come as any surprise that I have change my mind about my goals. I want to be realistic and stretch a bit. I don’t think I am ready for the lofty goals that I want to set, so this is to get me ready, to break some bad habits.

-Read 50 e-arcs, bonus if they are read the season of their release. But this number does include older arcs (though I am focusing on 2020 and 2021 -mostly.)

While, I will be doing release day posts, I think I am going to do one big one for all of the summer releases (and FYI I am following the meteorological schedule of seasons. )

-Read 50 of my unread books, or books from my physical TBR.

-Complete 15 series -I was debating on if I wanted to make this just about sci-fi and fantasy series or leave it open. I think that I am going to leave it open as a confidence booster.

I usually do my wrap-ups, weekly, on Instagram. But, I will do a goal check in here monthly. (I am hoping that this will help me to stay focused, but we shall see.)

Always Shine!