Death at Peony House by Krista Walsh (The Invisible Entente #1) September 14, 2016 Via BookSirens

I was given a digital copy of this title, free. All opinions are my own.

Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Fiction

From The Story Graph:

Sorceress and journalist Daphne Heartstone heads to Peony House, the city’s abandoned hospital, in search of a headline, but what she discovers is a dead body and a clue to a hundred-and-fifty-year-old cold case. 

Detective Hunter Avery, the man Daphne loved and lost, warns her away from the case, but the ghosts of Peony House have demanded her help, and her job is on the line if she doesn’t have a story on her editor’s desk for Saturday’s edition. 

Daphne has worked hard to escape her past of dark magic and blind ambition, but as she walks the balance between light and dark, she’ll learn how many promises she’s willing to break to protect the people she loves.

Why did I request this book?

Honestly, the first thing that caught my attention was the cover. Then the idea of a sorceress dealing with a haunted house, sealed the deal for me.

My Thoughts:

I have some mixed thoughts about this. It doesn’t start you at the beginning of Daphne’s story. And while you don’t necessarily have to have read the beginning, it might be better if you had. She reminisces and hits the highlights, but I think the connection to Daphne would be stronger if you had experienced her story from the beginning. Maybe it would make her a little less annoying. As it is, it’s pretty clear that there is a big difference between who she was before and who she is trying to become. -A power hungry sorceress trying to consume all of the power that she can to a sorceress who is trying to use her power for good. I also wasn’t sure if I liked her enough to continue on with the story -she is rather annoying and a bit whiny. Maybe if she didn’t whine so much about how hard it was to be good (or if I had experienced her before personality) it wouldn’t have been so bad.

The romance. Umm I didn’t really like this part. Again, maybe if I had experienced the before part and had not just been told about it, things may be different. I didn’t like Hunter, and the end was inevitable. I am not completely sold on it. But it is a minor part of the story.

The main part of the story- the mystery. I enjoyed this part of the story and it is what kept me reading. I would have liked to have learned more about Daphne’s magic and even her lineage. But I did enjoy the investigating part of the story. Reading from the perspective of a journalist is new, but I am not sure how convincing it is because Daphne pretty much did her own thing. She was quick to pick up on the supernatural angle of the story, but in the end it’s unclear as to what kind of story she turned in. There was a nice balance between investigating what was going and fighting the darkness. Daphne is vulnerable and while her magic gave her an advantage, it didn’t guarantee her safety and that added a nice tension to the story.

This was a complete story with the ground work for more books in the series. And I am curious about what happens next.

Always Shine!