Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

After her mom dies, 16 year old Bree decides to continue on with her plans to attend the residential program at UNC- Chapel Hill for exceptional high school students. Though she is trying to ignore her grief, it is this campus that connects her to her mom and her ancestors -revealing a world of magic and legends that she knew nothing about.

Demons, Magic, Secrets. Bree has no idea what she she has gotten herself into. But, she leans into it and discovers her own legacy.

**I was given a digital copy of this title, free, in exchange for my honest opinion. **

  1. Why is there always a missing or dead parent? Specifically, why is it usually the mother?
  2. I have no idea what’s going on but I want to know more. What kind of magic is this?!
  3. What I’d like to see is a fantasy with a black main character written by a black author that doesn’t make racism an issue. I get that it’s a space that we live in now, but why can’t we have fantastical space where racism is not something to be dealt with or overcome?
  4. I like Bree. She’s not completely likable at this point (10% in) but I like her. It would be so easy to dismiss or excuse the anger asa symptom of grief. But that’s saying we need a reason for the not so palatable parts of our personality- and we don’t.
  5. Why do main characters/heroes/heroines jump into danger with half-assed plans? Why is that often treated as being brave or courageous? Nah, Sis! Your plan is stupid. Your intentions are honorable but your plan? It’s stupid. And for the record you mom would not be proud–> because it’s impulsive and not thought out.
  6. Why is Alice the only one who’s going to call Bree out for taking slacker classes? Nick saw a glimpse of it when she snuck into his Genetics 201 class. I could maybe get behind her dumb idea to infiltrate the Order of the Round Table if it seemed that she was leaning into her potential and not running from it.
  7. My prediction is that Bree is part of a prophecy. Her mom knew about the Order and that’s why she didn’t want her to go to UNC.
  8. Maybe it’s a misdirect and Bree is the Pendragon. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  9. OMG! That was a scened that gave more questions and didn’t answer anything!!!
  10. Suddenly Bree understands everything! Based on memories of ancestors that are not even her own !! She put it all together and saw something in the memories that we didn’t?!
  11. If this ends in a cliffhanger, I’m punching something.
  12. This books Is full of build ups to bombshells that make you zag when you thought you were going to zig. But you still have no idea where the hell you’re going.
  13. See, I don’t trust Patricia . . . there’s absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t. But, Bree trusts her so easily and mainly it’s just because she’s a black female like Bree..
  14. How the hell did this happen, I like Sel!!!
  15. Bree’s mom’s revelation doesn’t really surprise me. I guess I’ve always expected it. A bridge in the past breaks something always needs a bridge in the future to fix it.
    Bonus thoughts:
  16. Maybe Bree is of the Guinevere line. It’s the only character from the legend not mentioned.
  17. I KNEW IT!!!! I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!

I’ve shared the thoughts that I had while reading the book. These are real-time thoughts. I did my best to not share any thoughts that revealed big spoilers. Most of my thoughts were reactions but there were a few predictions/guesses. All convey, I hope, how much I enjoyed this book. It’s the first in what I hope is a series – not a duology. If it dealt with just the Legend of King Arthur I could see it being a duology. But this world is so big and there is so much to be explored. But, this world is also exhausting. I am sitting here trying to gather my thought about all the things that. have happened and what all of this means for the next book. All of the emotions- happiness, sadness, anger and exhilaration. All the feels. I feel like I’m coming down from an adrenaline rush and I’m tired. I didn’t know that books could do that. This one did. She did that. And I can’t wait for the next one!!

You should definitely check this out if you are interested in new takes on the Legend of King Arthur, want to see a black girl shine in her own right, or if you just want a book that’s gonna take you on a journey!.

Always Shine!